Search Engines Uncovered Meta Revisit After Explained

by Jerry West
Updated May 6, 2011

Note: If you are looking for a comprehensive list of Meta Tags and how to use them in your pages properly, please see our extensive article: Meta Tags Explained.

There is one note concerning the Meta Revisit After tag. From my own research the Meta Revisit After tag is not supported by any major search engines and was developed for a smaller, local search engine many years ago.

A Meta Revisit After tag actually looks like the following:

<meta name=”revisit-after” content=” 30 days “>

This is the correct syntax for the Meta Revisit After tag. In the above example, the search engines have been told to return to index the web site in 30 days. In all honesty, do you really believe a major search engine would ever obey such a request? Of course not. Search engines do their own crawling when they want, not when told.

To get major search engines to continue returning to your website often, all you have to simply do is improve your link popularity. The more links you have going to your website the more often the search engines will find your website and re-index it as they continue spidering the web.

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