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Get listed with the Open Directory Project (DMOZ)


Since AOL switched from DMOZ to Google for their search results a couple years ago, DMOZ is no longer vital as a source for solid traffic. Instead, look at them to boost your quality link popularity. DMOZ is humanly built, just like Yahoo!. Unlike Yahoo!, DMOZ is free a submition. You can be listed in up to two categories for your site: a general category and a local category.

Google has openly stated that they are more interested in directories that are actually used, and with the rapid drop of DMOZ traffic since 2004; there are wide-spread concerns over the future of DMOZ. However, since they are still pulling from DMOZ, and DMOZ is still in the top 300 sites, it is important to get your site listed.

One major complaint is the "staleness" of DMOZ, as the directory is not updated frequently. If you have a submission pending inclusion, check to see if your site is listed.

While I realize and openly admit this is a directory that is next to impossible to get listed in, it can happen. It seems the number of active DMOZ editors are shrinking each month.

Your best bet is to submit your website twice, once to your main category and once to a local category. Many recommend to be patient (submit just once and wait); however, I check every quarter, and if the site isn't listed, I submit again.