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Time Management

Most small business owners and mid-sized company marketing managers have to wear multiple marketing hats all at once. They need to be the PR team, copywriter and editor, media buyer (both online and off), creative team, social media manager, SEO expert and more! It’s a lot of work for one person to handle, especially for a small business owner that needs to also focus on running the day-to-day business. How are they supposed to incorporate link building and content marketing into their already packed day? Many business owners and marketing managers struggle with SEO time management, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as to might think to make slow and steady progress with your SEO campaign.


Here are 3 SEO time management tips:


1. Build one link a day.

I know a lot of site owners that are opposed with building X links each month and will go after just about any link they can get their hands on in order to meet their self-imposed quota. This is not the right way to approach link building! Take a little pressure off yourself WITHOUT sacrificing your link building entirely and improve your SEO time management skills by focusing on building one quality link each day, in whatever form that may take. It might be an online release (in which case you should be able to get 3-4 links), a blog comment, a new local business profile, a guest post published somewhere or anything else that creates a quality inbound link for your site. If you look at one link as a small SEO success everything else is gravy! You’re slowly growing your link profile without sacrificing all your free time to link building.


2. Commit to one blog post a week.

One of the biggest problems regarding content marketing I hear about from marketers is that they just don’t have the time to write a blog post every day. They have every intention of doing so but something else comes up and their writing gets pushed to the back burner. This means that the company blog might go weeks without fresh content. As I tell all my clients, I’d rather you not have a blog than launch one and not write in it. Instead of feeling bad about not writing a post a day, feel good about writing one a week. Schedule it into your day, like you would a business meeting, so you know that every Wednesday from 2-3 PM is blog writing time.


3. Schedule your social media updates in advance.

While you still need to monitor and respond to people in your social network in real time, one way to improve your SEO time management skills is to get ahead of the game and schedule some social media updates in advance. Hook your blog’s RSS feed up to your social profiles so a new post is automatically promoted; schedule out various deals and promotions now so you don’t have to remember later; schedule out content a few days in advance so even if you can’t get to your desk there is some activity on your social profile every day.

These are just three quick SEO time management tips to help make implementing your inbound marketing campaign a little easier and a little less hectic. Remember, it’s better to take your SEO slow and build over time then start and stop and never get any momentum.