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".$result[3]["text"] ." : ".$result[3]["result"]."
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Dear ".$fname.",

You scored highest as one who takes a Hands On Approach. This means you would rather get things accomplished than take the time to read or understand the directions. This means you may make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes aside, you still feel you are ahead of everyone else, because you got hands-on experience and accomplished something while others took time to understand the process.
You scored highest as a Fact Finder. This means you like to have all of the answers. A perfectionist at heart, you spend a lot of time researching and gathering data to understand your subject in its entirety. This mind-set has the possibility to be a great asset to you, as you have the ability to understand and solve different problems. Just be careful that your researching habits do not lead to procrastination.
You scored highest as an Idea Machine. This means you thrive on and are inspired by your ideas. You are a free spirit that revels in being unique, which may help you to stand apart from the crowd. Because you are an idea generator, you may become restless and bored with projects once you start them, and bite your nails with the anticipation of beginning a new project. This may cause you to start many projects, but finish only a few.
You scored highest as a Natural Teacher. This means you are energized by helping others better themselves and making the world a better place. You communicate easily with others and emanate warmth that draws people to you. In your quest to better the world, you may forfeit valuable time and resources needed to better your business. Learn to say 'No' appropriately and channel your passion into your business.
You scored highest as one who Aims to Win. This means you are a self-starter and are motivated by your inner vision. You enjoy rallying the troops around the same vision. Competitive in nature, you enjoy a good challenge and the opportunity to win. This allows you to pursue your goals and objectives passionately. Unfortunately, your competitiveness can also set up others to lose, even those who are on your team.
You scored highest as one who is Goal Oriented. This means that while you may or may not be organized, you always need a clear plan of action and a specific objective to accomplish. With those goals, you are reliable and productive. Without them, you may find your project on hold as you worry about what things might go wrong.

Here is your Coaching test Information:
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".$result[1]["text"] .": ".$result[1]["result"]."
".$result[2]["text"] .": ".$result[2]["result"]."
".$result[3]["text"] .": ".$result[3]["result"]."
".$result[4]["text"] .":".$result[4]["result"]."
".$result[5]["text"] .": ".$result[5]["result"]."

Thank You
Motivation Factor Index Explained
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