E-commerce Development

eCommerce is a growing part of our economy. Experts have stated either you embrace it or be run over by it - it's not going away.

Just ten years ago, eCommerce was unknown. Now, it is a rare event that a commerical break goes by without a ".com" advertsement. eCommerce is the future of business.

"Web Marketing Now gives you a state-of-the-art way to put your business on the Internet, get attention, and make sales. Don't miss their search engine promotion service. It's the best in the biz."

-- Dr. Kevin Nunley, Nunley & Associates

We can provide you with a full range of eCommerce solutions - and we will recommend the best one for your business.

Whether you're new to eCommerce or just need a better eCommerce solution, 1AutomationWiz.com is the package you need. How do we know? We use it and we saw our business nearly double in just one year because of its features. 1AutomationWiz.com is feature rich and highly customizable to fit almost any business model.

Review the feature checklist below ad see for yourself.

Store Operation

Feature: A no hassle secure Shopping Cart System with no software installation required.
Commentary: Your shopping cart is the backbone of your business. If it fails to work, the order can't be processed, and that is a very bad thing! Because the shopping cart is not running on your server, you have fewer chances of failure.

Super easy integration to all the major credit card processors.
Commentary: We use Echo as our processor and they fully support it. No extra programming, no extra hassle. It took us about three minutes to configure.

One account supports multiple web sites.
Commentary: This is a great feature as other systems make you purchase per domain. This system, you buy once and you can use it across multiple domains. If you run a web-based business, you probably have multiple domains. Think of the money and hassle you save from trying to remember multiple accounts and passwords ... just by having one single account.

Up-sell and electronic coupon shopping cart modules.
Commentary: By being able to bundle similar products at a discount at checkout, you can easily raise your margins with upsells, and close sales easier with coupons.

Customizable online order and opt-in forms.
Commentary: Other systems that we used had forms that you could not change. You want to brand your business every chance you get and that includes your order page and opt-in forms.

Unlimited Auto responder Sequential Follow Up System.
Commentary: Autoresponders are probably the most effective way of taking a prospect to that of a customer. Through this system, you can automatically contact your prospect and give them more information and reasons to buy from you.

Free Survey Forms to uncover what your prospects really want to buy, and when.
Commentary: Doing surveys is one of the most forgotten marketing methods, yet one of the most effective. The system makes this easy, and the results are incredible.

Free Tell-A-Friend module to help you create more "viral marketing" campaigns.
Commentary: If you have been marketing online for any amount of time, you know the huge benefit of the "Tell A Friend" module. We have used similar modules that were $30.00 per month ... however, it is included in the system.

Full Featured Client Management & Product Database System.
Commentary: No need to have a separate database for your clients. Keep them all, along with all of your products in one place.

Automatic inventory tracking system for your fulfillment house.
Commentary: Face it, tracking inventory is a pain, a real pain. With your inventory directly tied with your shopping cart, that saves you at least one step, sometimes three ... shaving off hours of work per month for you or your staff.

Built-In Affiliate Software Management & Tracking System
This literally exploded our sales. The affiliate software is fully integrated into the entire system so nothing gets lost and the "ball is never dropped". Simple to use and have a two-tier process so you can attract the "Super Affiliates" to your program.

Real-Time "3-Way Split Run" Ad Tracking System
Commentary: If you want a successful business, you need to know what is working and what is not working. By split testing you know.

Digital Delivery for your ebooks or software products.
Commentary: One of the best features and makes selling eBooks or software a breeze. You aren't tied to your desk and you don't have to check email every hour on the weekends.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]