Recommended Marketing Tools

The following tools are also highly recommended and used by our staff when conducting web marketing projects for our affiliate projects and our clients.


Hands down the tool of choice we use when doing any type of keyword research. Why not WordTracker? We were their #2 customer back in 1999, but their database of keywords just got stale according to our research. SpyFu, while not perfect, has great data and also their staff is very edgy and they come up with great new ideas and reports. Get this service to get an edge.

Google Webmaster Tools

Free to use, this will show you which keyword phrases your site is showing up for versus how many click throughs you are getting. Instead of trying to guess which keywords to target, this tool shows you where your site is showing up. This can really help your traffic levels in a hurry by concentrating on the right keywords.

Raven Tools

A great tool set to cover just about everything you need to track with your SEO and PPC campaigns.



Have you been looking for a SEO tool which let you do keyword research, track Keyword ranking, check backlinks, check competitor & most important do a complete SEO audit of your blog.



Link Research Tools is a selection of 5 8 link building tools, brought to you by Austrian link builder Christoph Cemper. Link Research Tools collects data from 16 different sources, including Majestic SEO and SEOmoz.



As you can see, the Link Prospecting tool from Citation Labs is a total game changer – and it couldn’t have been developed by a nicer fellow.



MailChimp offers one of the most generous free plans in the industry, although it can get fairly costly if you exceed their sending limits. Their notable business-enhancing analytical features and strong technology tools still make them a good option for many marketers.