name[no_toc] was founded in 2003 and provides domain registration, reselling, transfer, web hosting, and email services. Customers have over one million domains registered with the company and almost as many websites. is also very customer service oriented, offering one of the best paradigms for customer service out there. makes it very easy for clients to build a website that might be great for an individual site or a site for a small business. After purchasing a domain, a client can build a website with the company’s very easy-to-use website builder or its RapidPress WordPress hosting service. is also philanthropy driven. Some of the causes that they support include a bike-to-work incentive program and hosting an initiative driven towards the expansion of .org websites on the World Wide Web.

The Good

We found that offered a very straightforward pricing structure and offered a lot of services in addition to selling domain registry services. A client can come to and find the web resources that they need in order to build a small website after acquiring a new domain. One of the nice things about is that they have an intensive customer care program. On the site, the CEO will personally answer emails if a client has a bad experience with a product purchased from

They offer privacy features for a relatively low price, making it easy to hide your personal information on WhoIs. Many customers reported that the domain interface and hosting cPanels are very easy to use and straightforward.

Our customer service experience was very positive as well. We were satisfied with the knowledge base that was available on the website.

The Bad

We only had a couple issues with We found that the email addresses that can be added on to a domain registry service were somewhat limiting. Clients can order up to 25 email addresses. For a medium business, a client might want more than the 25 email addresses that are available through’s email hosting service.

We were a little bit disappointed with the lack of 24/7 support at only offers in-person customer support during normal business hours. For an individual with problems, they might have to wait several hours before getting help, contributing to downtime with the web hosting service.

The Bottom Line

We recommend for all of their service packages. We found the domain search tool very easy to use. Also, the website builder and Rapid Press hosting services made it very easy for an individual to build a website. The Rapid Press hosting service was an easy way to get a WordPress site up and running with little difficulty. With easy-to-use installation, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and up to ten email addresses, offers one of the better WordPress hosting services available through a domain registry service. has a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Their transparent TOS and pricing structure has resulted in very few complaints with the BBB over the last three years, which is truly noteworthy for a company that offers services as cheaply as does.