Any product/service recommended on this site you should assume we get paid a commission in the event you make a purchase.

Unlike other sites that recommend anything under the sun for a commission, we test every product and service. Only those that meet our high standards are recommended here. There are times that we will get paid a commission. However, our judgement is never influenced by commissions and we have routinely recommended products and/or services which did not offer a commission over competitors that did.


Commissions often corrupt others, but will never corrupt us. :-)


Even though we have done extensive testing on the product and/or service we recommend that you do your own research to ensure the purchase will meet your requirements before purchasing. We strongly advise you to never purchase anything you can't afford.


Recommended Hosting Just remember, a lot of it depends on your needs. If you are running a successful business, get a great dedicated server. If you have a lot of domains and you don’t like your competition sniffing around your portfolio, get some cheap hosts so it is more difficult for them to connect the…


Recommended Domains Your domain name is the way your potential customers and partners find you on the Internet. It is not something you can pull out of a hat, so choose it carefully. Having your own domain name, while not required on the Internet, is one of the most essential things you can do. This…

Marketing Tools

The following tools are also highly recommended and used by our staff when conducting web marketing projects for our affiliate projects and our clients.


Building a site that is both friendly to visitors and the search engines is not overly complex. However, it does take understanding the correct “blue print” for the system and you need time. How much time? At least one year.


The software we recommend to effectively run your business.

WordPress Plugins

Our list of WordPress Plugins will be here shortly. But really, just get Yoast’s SEO Plugin, our Link Privacy, iThemes Security for now.