Kitchen Table Copy

Create KILLER landing pages - even you suck at writing.

SEO Testing Expert Jerry West now reveals his simple, Step-by-Step Combo System to Create Killer Landing Pages and Attract Qualified Traffic to Increase Your Revenues Right Now

Writing copy sucks. It's one of my least favorite parts of my business. But the reality is that without killer copy skills, all of our businesses will utterly fail online.

But what if I told you that years ago I discovered a "shortcut" to quickly creating compelling copy that converts BETTER than all my competitors combined... without even knowing HOW or WHY it works.

"Dominating a market is rather simple: Spend half
of your working time studying your competition and
the other half doing it better."
- Golden K. Driggs


That quote is from my grandfather, who helped build New York Life in the 60s and 70s into the powerhouse it was at that time. And he did it by putting his competitors' hard work and testing to work for HIM (and the competition never even knew what happened)!

And what's amazing is that I was ONLY 10 YEARS OLD when he taught ME this lesson. That summer he bribed me a whole silver dollar go through a huge stack of magazines. Whenever I found an ad from a certain company, I had to put a colored paper clip on the page. That's it. Pretty easy, even for a 10-year-old.

After spending an entire day doing this my hands looked like an abstract painting. (See, they hadn't invented colored paper-clips yet. I had to "make" my own. :)

Finally, when I was bored to my breaking point, my grandfather showed with me why he kept me cooped up inside on a beautiful summer day getting allergic from sifting through those dusty old rags.

Too bad it wouldn't make an impact on me until nearly 30 years later.

But YOU can take advantage right NOW!

He said that companies that advertised in the same magazine month after month HAD TO BE making money - or else they would quit paying for expensive advertising, right?

So by studying only the repeating ads, you only had to figure out how to make those winning components work for your business. By combining winning elements from multiple winning ads, you can make your own ads EVEN BETTER.

It's like setting out to cook a meal, and all you have in your refrigerator are the finest gourmet ingredients - it's impossible to "mess up" because no matter what you end up with, it's built from the best stuff available.

And it's not just a "guess" from some "expert" about what will work - he studied the winners that the MARKET had picked, not some schmancy copywriter or marketing executive.

Like I said, he was brilliant. Me? I just took the silver dollar he gave me and ran off to buy comic books and gumballs (or whatever my 10-year-old self was into back then).

But now, over 30 years later, I've discovered that my grandfather's advice remains "Golden" even after all this time.

In fact, with online marketing, the research and "reverse engineering" is even faster. No more wasted summer afternoons fighting with colored paperclips and musty yellow print ads!

For instance, any company that is bidding on the same keyword phrase over multiple search engines every day for a full month is VERY LIKELY making money on that phrase. That data is freely available on the web for all to see.

Likewise, their landing page will have certain elements that you may never have thought of before. By following grandpa's advice and studying numerous competitor landing pages, you begin to see patterns.

You'll instantly see ways you can squeeze into ANY market and literally TAKE a significant share from right under their noses. THEY have to hire teams of experts for tons of bucks.

YOU just have to study what those experts come up with. I told you it was a "shortcut" - and it won't just save you time, it will save you MONEY! Why? Because you concentrate on studying success instead of making your own mistakes, the method is nearly fool-proof.


(Plus, you'll discover that you can take "what works" in one market and literally "transplant" it into nearly ANY other market.)

This is how YOU can come out of nowhere and instantly become the market leader, and they'll think you're some kind of marketing genius.

So let me tell you more about how this "borrowed genius" of yours is going to work.

My "Kitchen Table Copy" method allows ANYONE (yes, even you and me) to quickly and easily:

  • Create killer landing pages by using elements you "reverse engineer" from your competitors' best-winning campaigns. And by "reverse engineer" I mean "swipe the stuff THEY use a lot" - it couldn't be simpler.
  • Always be confident and correct tiny details that trip up most marketers, like colors, fonts, and layouts. Let the other guy re-invent the wheel or try to re-discover fire. All you need to do is look over his virtual shoulder and copy, paste, PROFIT.
  • Perfectly match your copy to your product so that the message COMPELS your prospects to take action as if under a hypnotic spell. Your offers will be in sync and just MAKE SENSE, and will be impossible for prospects to ignore (or forget)!
  • Completley Destroy writer's block - never again stare pathetically at a blank computer screen, wracking your brain for just one good idea. You have all the best ideas in the world at your fingertips!
  • Construct killer headlines on demand - I say "construct" because you don't have to "write" one word. Take the headlines that are grabbing your market's attention and mix and match them like building blocks.
  • Instantly erase any fear or doubt that you're "not a writer" and that you can't do this stuff. I PROMISE you that YOU can do this, and once you discover for yourself how easy it is, you might even TELL people PROUDLY that you're a fancy-shmancy copywriter.

BONUS #1: I have included a special bonus section on how to write Pre-Sales pages especially for ClickBank affiliates. ClickBank is one of the fastest ways for newbies to profit online, and I give you the best ways to not only succeed there, but to DOMINATE.

BONUS #2: What about all those visitors who "bounce" and leave your landing page without buying? I show you how to create a non-spammy exit pop-up that will "rescue" anyone who has doubts about your offer and give you a second shot at making the sale.

It's all in a no-fluff 47-page PDF power-packed with specific examples. I don't need to write you a novel or over-explain every little detail (like "What Is The Internet"). Leave that stuff for OTHER ebooks. I get straight to the "meat and potatoes" that you need.

YOU can pick up THIS method and use it as early as today. I'm serious, it's that quick. I've taught it at live workshops and people have made money using these techniques before the event was even over.

Discover the secrets that make your competition successful and duplicate them - and even IMPROVE them in your own business. 

It saves time, effort, and MONEY - and can be the difference between having an Internet Marketing HOBBY or having a real BUSINESS.

And listen, that's something I'll tell you over and over. Other IM teachers that call themselves "gurus" treat online business owners as consumers. I'm not about giving you little pieces here and there to keep you on the line for more and more semi-useful eBooks and courses.

I want you to have the WHOLE PACKAGE.

FACT #1: Effective copywriting is only the start. You can't make ANY MONEY with a webpage that no one reads.

You also need traffic, which is why I put together a brand new workbook called the "On-Page Factors Guide" and bundled it with Kitchen Table Copy. This SEO handbook not only teaches you how to extract FREE traffic from Google, but ALL the search engines that matter.

Most SEOs and Webmasters don't want or even NEED the boring data that pads out most SEO tutorials. You just need practical information that will bring more traffic and more sales. Period.

That's why I said this was a workbook. I break it down and show you the problems you might face. Then I explain the solution so you can understand why it works. And then I just tell you what you need to do.

No hype. No theory.

No wasting your time.

FACT #2: Traffic means nothing unless they want to spend money. One of the big "gotchas" of SEO is when you spend hours, days, weeks, or even months chasing a high-traffic keyword only to discover that those searchers aren't willing to spend a dime.

I show you how to pin-point the keywords that will not just bring the crowds, but will actually make money. Let the competition fight over the #1 spot for worthless search terms. You and I will happily go after the ones that MATTER.

Here's a peak at what's included:

SEO Quick Reference Cheat Sheet
Going nuts figuring out which techniques works in each search engine? Can't remember all the little details like how many characters of the Title tag get indexed? Don't worry! This "cheat sheet" gives you all the information you need, ready at-hand when you need it!

On-Page Factors Check List
It's well known that links (Off-Page Factors) are what drives ranking, but did you know that if you get the On-Page Factors wrong, you're wasting almost all the benefit of every single backlink you struggle to gain? Use this check list to make sure your pages are maximizing the value of every link you get.

The Title Tag
This misunderstood weapon has sunk more marketers than any other one I know. The secret: use your Titles to "sell the click" instead of for SEO purposes.

Write Title Tags how you would write a headline in AdWords (and don't worry because I show you exactly how I do it.)

Step-by-Step Site Audit
Troubleshooting time. Have your rankings recently dropped? Are you certain you should be ranking higher than you are, but don't know why you aren't?
99% of the time it's something simple. Go through my simple step-by-step site audit and fix the problem yourself WITHOUT hiring an expensive consultant.

Negative Ranking
No one likes to talk about it, but yes. It's true. There are techniques being taught by some SEOs that will actually cause you to drop in ranking.

Up until now, I've kept these to myself and let my competition make these mistakes. Now I break it down so even a total novice can avoid these dangerous pitfalls.

Top Myths About Google
You know that great tip about Google that you heard from some guy who read it on some blog? Chances are it isn't true. A lot of misinformation is spread about how to rank higher in the search engines and most of it is untested.

It's easy to make something up so you can have a blog post that day. It's even easier to repeat it. What's hard is testing, and almost NO ONE REALLY TESTS. But I do. I have 583 test domains and my team spends more than 60 hours per week analyzing the test data from these domains.

Opinions - although interesting - are irrelevant. When it comes to SEO, only tests, tracking and proof are what matters.

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you go to the movies and don't like what you see, they really don't want to give you a refund. After all, it's not like they can take back the movie, right? You can't un-watch it.

I'm not like that. :) You have 30 full days after you buy to read these ebooks, try the methods, and put them to the test in your own business. Heck, you could even use them to START a NEW business, even if you're a beginner at internet marketing.

If you decide that this material isn't worth every penny of the drastically discounted price you paid, just ask for a refund.

You get your money back AND you get to keep all the info - the risk is ENTIRELY mine, but I know that this is going to work for you because it's my best stuff. Or else I wouldn't offer it to you.

Right Here, Right Now.

Here's the full deal ... you get the Kitchen Table Copy guide, you get the SEO On-Page Factors Guide, with a full 30-day guarantee.

Listen, this one-two combination has never been available before. In fact, the SEO guide was specially created to compliment Kitchen Table Copy so that you can have a solid foundation to rapidly start building your own business.

You get the secrets of generating landing pages, copy, and ads that dependably, RELIABLY generate more sales.

You get the real truth about how to tweak your sites for maximum organic traffic from ONLY the searchers that are looking to SPEND. That's traffic you can DEPEND on, too.

Don't miss this opportunity to get this package deal, as after this short introductory period, I will begin charging full price for this package.

Take advantage of this drastic discount today, and prove to yourself that inside you, no matter what your starting point - you are a KILLER copywriter and a KILLER SEO.

No one but you and me have to know the truth - that it's as easy as copy, paste - PROFIT!


Full 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee