SEO Revolution

SEO Revolution Started in 2003, the goal of the SEO Revolution was simple. Allow for a select few to gain access to our testing data and form a “family” of great SEOs who were looking to take their skill to the next level. We don’t just accept anyone.

Google Best Practices

Google Best Practices Guide First released in 2003, this is the only guide you will need to improve your Google rankings, and conversions. The Google Best Practices guide contains information not found anywhere else. This guide contains real Search Engine Optimization information.

Link Privacy

Link Privacy Protecting your hard earned links from your competitors should be every webmaster’s top priority. But even more so, is a program that does it WITHOUT snooping to know which sites you are placing the protection on. Ours respects your privacy and it’s free.

Fresh PubDate

Fresh PubDate If there is one “exploit” in Google that has worked for years, and that is showing “fresh content” whether it is actually fresh or not. The process of continually “updating” your posts and/or pages with the current date to push your ranking back up is tedious and can lead to insanity. .

Kitchen Table Copy

Kitchen Table Copy Create KILLER landing pages – even you suck at writing. SEO Testing Expert Jerry West now reveals his simple, Step-by-Step Combo System to Create Killer Landing Pages and Attract Qualified Traffic to Increase Your Revenues Right Now Writing copy sucks.

Link Building Guide

Link Building Guide Are you frustrated and feel overwhelmed with yet another Google update which has killed your sites…those sites you built to fix the last round of Google updates that killed your original sites? It’s like getting your teeth kicked in while laying on the ground. It sucks.