Meet Our Team

staff is comprised of professionals in the fields of: web design, search engine placement, ad copy writing, web programming, professional web site reviewing, directory listings and marketing consulting. was started in 1999 by its founder, Jerry West. Mr. West has been performing as a search engine consultant since 1996 and is certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Jerry West – President

(Bottom, Right)

Jerry’s previous experience as a software tester for WordPerfect and Novell gives him the foundation needed to dominate the SEO market. This is because he tests every approach, taking nothing for truth until the data proves it so. He’s been one of the most sought-after SEO professionals in the industry since 1996. Jerry is also a regular contributor to Webmaster World and PubCon, key events in the SEO community.

Peter Becci – VP of Marketing

(Top, Right)

Peter brings an astute level of organization and drive to fuel campaigns to high levels. His ability to effectively analyze and break down competitor campaigns and strategies to their core gives the team an edge in even the most highly competitive markets. His vision in seeing where markets will be in 3-6 months allows for planning and implementation to be completed before it is actually needed.

Karen Hoch – Membership Director

(Bottom, left)

With top skills in copy writing, design and even coding, Karen has the ability to tear down a page or an entire site from a technical/design side and improve it in terms of user-friendliness and conversion. She handles the entire membership, as well as article management for our internal campaigns. Her organizational skills allow for the entire process to flow seamlessly.

Michael Roper – SEO Analyst

(Top, Left)

Michael is responsible for the test allocation of over 800 test domains and current campaigns, both in-house and through affiliate publishing. He focuses heavily on site speed, WordPress plugin integration, Webmaster Tools and on-page SEO. As a solid contributor inside the forums of SEO Revolution, he gives the membership a unique spin of the complexities of SEO and how to implement the correct strategies to overcome the Panda and Penguin updates in Google.

Richard Lai – Director of Programming

(not pictured)

Richard is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the toolset in the SEO Revolution, creating custom scripts and programming in the membership site and also other technology to allow for the in-house campaigns to run with minimal staff time. He possesses a level of attention to detail that ensures our tools and technology meet current needs.

Pratyush Dey – Director of Web Design

(not pictured)

Prat has been with the company since 2001 and received his degree in design in Istanbul, Turkey. His design work is second to none in the affiliate space. His designs load fast, are eye-catching and have a level of professionalism which most designs lack today. A master at the effective use of white space, Prat has a “less is more” focus and designs with the user in mind first.

We exclusively use Apple products, including MacBook Pros and Adobe software, most notably PhotoShop for graphics work and Dreamweaver for web page design and development.